Used Oil Collection

TES can collect used oil in a safe, environmentally friendly manner, either on-demand or on schedule. 

Once collected, it is sent to a re-refinery for processing, where all of the contaminants and impurities are removed, leaving the oil as clean and pure as the day it was first refined.

How to Dispose of Used oil in Texas

Are you wondering how to safely and effectively get rid of used oil in your local area? If so, you may like to contact Texas Environmental Remediation, who offers a collection service for homes and businesses in Texas. If you have waste oil from your vehicle or heavy machines, it’s essential to dispose of it safely so that it doesn’t pose a risk to people or cause environmental damage.

Oil Recycling

It comes as a surprise to many people that their used oil can be recycled. Many recycling centers across America offer a drop-off or collection service for oils that have been used in motors, machinery, and agricultural vehicles. Waste oil will go through a filtering process that allows it to be then reused.

If you have old or unused oil that’s in a storage tank for an extended time, it will start to degrade, and if left long enough will also deteriorate the container, it’s stored in. It’s a good idea to have your waste oil collected regularly and either recycled or disposed of safely. This will prevent your storage or container from further corrosion and prevent environmental damage caused by your storage tank leaks.

 Diesel and oils that have been used in agricultural machinery can be removed by Texas Environmental Remediation in an environmentally-friendly way while adhering to health and safety legislation.

If you want to dispose of your used oil, you should look for a local oil recycling center, or if you have large amounts of surplus or old oil, contact Texas Environmental Remediation for collection.

How to Prepare waste oil for disposal

Carrying out the following steps will allow you to safely and effectively dispose of used oil from your car. First, find a container that has a screw top and is leak-proof make sure that it’s clean fist as you don’t want to contaminate the oil. You can either use a recycled container or can buy an oil canister from an automotive store.

Filter the oil out of your car and into the container. You should then mark the canister with a label that reads ‘used oil.’ This oil can then be taken to the recycling center where it will be treated and filtered for reuse or disposed of safely.

If you have larger oil quantities, you should level it in your storage tank and contact Texas Environmental Remediation for advice. They will be able to pump the oil into a tanker and take it to their site where it will be professionally treated, filtered, and recycled or disposed of safely.