Texas Environmental Remediation provides various modes of transportation for all your logistics needs.  


Cleanup projects require waste disposal containers to contain and transport unwanted waste away from your site. Texas Environmental Remediation provides various containers to contain and transport large or small waste quantities, including dry building material, wet sludge, construction and debris, plant trash, and recycling material. TES can help you choose the right container to meet your needs and the needs of your project. We understand how critical time and capacity availability can be and we are staffed accordingly to meet those needs.

Specialized Trucking

Texas Environmental Remediation can meet all of you specialized transportation needs. Heavy hauling, Lowboy trailers, Flatbed trailers, and Step Deck trailers are available to meet the requirements of your project. We comply with all safety and engineering requirements as it relates too different functions in terms of weight, size, load, and dimension. 

We obtain the required permits and you can make sure your cargo will arrive where it needs to be and when it needs to be there.

Vacuum Truck

Texas Environmental Remediation provides unmatched Vacuum truck and Hydro Vac services for those cleanups that cannot be done with just manual labor. Vacuum trucks and Hydro Vac equipment can perform and achieve what a crew can’t.

These solutions work best to remove waste including liquids, slurries, and sludges from spill cleanups, pit cleaning, tank cleaning, and regular maintenance clean-outs.  

Texas Hydro Vacuum Equipment

Hydro Vacuum excavation is the process of using water to safely uncover ground utilities. High pressured water breaks up the dirt while a large high-powered vacuum sucks it out to reveal utilities. Vacuum excavation can dig a deep hole with precision in a slight fraction of the time it takes an experienced person. Texas Environmental Remediation offers the most advanced techniques in the industry coupled with excellent customer service to make certain you have the best experience and your needs are meet.