Tire Disposal

A pile of used tires can be an eyesore, an environmental disaster, and attract reptiles and insects.

How to Dispose of Tires Properly

Disposing of those tires can be a source of frustration. Landfills will not take whole tires for disposal, and they must be quartered or have the sidewalls cut out before they can be disposed of.  Texas Environmental Remediation tire solution includes loading, transportation, and disposal of your whole tire. Passenger, trailer, ATV, or tractor-trailer tires are no problem for Texas Environmental Remediation tire solution.

Tire Disposal in Texas

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Keeping Texas Clean

With increasing pressure on keeping Texas clean and environmentally accountable, we get rid of old and spare tires. We dispose of your tires in a safe and manner that fits state standards. 

Why Is Proper Tire Disposal Important?

While it seems ridiculous now, there was a time when the usual practice was to drop your old tires off with the rest of your trash: at your local junkyard. The truth is improper tire disposal can be incredibly harmful to the environment around us. Many of the chemicals in tires that make them so unique on our cars (such as their fantastic durability) can also make them near impossible to break down naturally. To leave them to be broken down naturally takes decades that we simply don’t have, and this time crunch is part of what makes proper disposal so crucial.

How are Tires Disposed Of?

For the most part, tire disposal in Texas, and other states, the proper and responsible way to dispose of tires is to call a professional remediation company like Texas Environmental Remediation.  We ensure tires are brought to state qualified facilities for remediation. These tire facilities will do the following; turn tires into tire-derived fuel, turn tires into civil engineering projects, or turn tires into rubberized asphalt.