The Best Demolition Professionals

Texas Environmental Remediation has a demonstrated commitment to safety and performs all demolition work in an environmentally safe manner utilizing the right equipment. We work hard to consider all aspects of the project including abatement, asset recovery and recycling which gives us an advantage over our competition. This is critical when seeking LEED status for your projects as well as minimizing cost when applicable. No job is too large or too small for Texas Environmental Remediation.

Demolition cleanup encompasses the removal of waste with the aftermath of demolition done to a building  – this includes removal of building debris – metal, wood, concreted, aluminum and a lot of other building materials. Construction clean up is one of the hardest jobs and requires experts to ensure the job is completed to state regulations.

Texas Demolition Cleanup

Demolition projects in Texas vary in their nature and scope, although they generally entail the removal of debris resulting from demolition activities. Due to the waste constituents associated with such ventures, it is preferred that such projects are handled by professional cleanup crews like Texas Environmental Remediation. They have not only the necessary equipment to get the job done but also the training for proper safety standards.

In Texas, demolition may involve large machinery, especially where whole buildings are being torn down. Cleaning up large building debris projects requires heavy machinery and equipment to get rid of vast heaps of debris.  Only professional companies that comply with proper clean up regulations are hired.

Demolition cleanup projects

Demolition cleanup projects are no different from any other clean up service. The only difference is there are many tons of debris waste that have the be cleaned up and discarded properly. Clean up is guided by the size of demolition, the amount and size of rubble produced, and the tools you will need to execute the site to be ready for site ‘preparation’. Demolition and clean up can be done for specific sections of a building or the whole structure. For partial demolition and clean up, it is imperative to shield the rest of the building to reduce the amount of stray debris landing in those areas.

The current emphasis of Eco-friendly products and processes has led to the development of green technology. Texas demolition cleanup projects have incorporated recycling as a mandate rather than an option. This environmental consciousness requires the cleaning crew to increase project time to allow for the sorting out of reusable waste from the likes of concrete and steel. You can, therefore, haul the reusable and the non-reusable to the appropriate facilities.