Biohazard Removal & Waste Cleanup Service
Professional Texas Remediation Services

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Texas Environmental Remediation consists of a team of Professional and well trained Hazardous Waste removal company in Texas.

Proper Disposal

 Certified and conduct business within Environmental laws.  Services include disposal of all waste types;  industrial, commercial and institutional in Texas. Leading experts in chemical disposal all over Texas.


Providing containers to transport large or small waste quantities.  Transport dry building material, wet sludge, construction and debris, plant trash, and recycling materials around Texas.

Leading Texas Remediation Services

At Texas Environmental Remediation, we have only one thing to offer our clients: Competent people who handle problems – and get the job done right. A team of experienced, practicing environmental consultants, Trifecta is committed to providing its clients with technically sound, cost-effective solutions. No surprises — No excuses.

Worker in a protective suit examining pollution in the water at the industry.

Emergency Spill Response

No matter where your company is located in Texas, we are able to establish a professional team and arrive at your location in a matter of hours. You can count on Texas Environmental Remediation for timely services. Being proactive when dealing with spills in the workplace should be a non-negotiable.


Texas Environmental Remediation



With our team demolition experts, we complete any demolition job in Texas promptly, cleanly, and safely, with no contaminants left behind.


Oil Collection

Can you afford the risk of environmental non-compliance? Put Texas Environmental Remediation experience, expertise, and skill to work for you.


Environmental Compliance

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has been working with the hazardous waste rules for more than 15 years.

Remediation Services
Texas Hazardous Waste Clean-Up